REPs: Register of Exercise Professionals

“Launched in 2002, REPs is an independent, public register which recognises the qualifications and expertise of health-enhancing exercise instructors in the UK. REPs provides a system of regulation for instructors and trainers to ensure that they meet the health and fitness industry’s agreed National Occupational Standards.

REPs provides assurance and confidence to the public and employers that all professionals on the Register are appropriately qualified and have the knowledge, competence and skills to perform their role effectively.

REPs was developed to protect the public from ‘cowboy trainers’ who do not hold appropriate qualifications. As well as protecting the public, REPs was also established to recognise the qualifications and skills of exercise professionals.” Extract taken from REPs website.                                               

                    Ethos is registered with REPs

The primary reason Ethos stands out from other organisations is quite literally our ethos. This is a business venture, but we will not put that above your needs. Ethos will not endorse fad diets or starvation, it will not offer you a personal training package and start charging you for extras. If you block book sessions with Ethos you get everything included such as, the Nutritional advice, Weekly Training Programs, online help and telephone support. Ethos strongly believes in supporting you and one session a week with no follow up is unlikely to achieve results. Ethos will evaluate each and every session to ensure that the next session is specific to your goals.


“Ethos Personal Training creates a mutually committed partnership between client and professional, where the needs of the individual come before that of the business. It delivers an ethical, bespoke service that addresses all aspects of well-being, identifies potential and empowers clients to achieve their aspirations.”

"I have just started training with Amy. She makes you feel comfortable to bare all and confess your weaknesses. Then she helps you fix them, building your confidence all the while. I didn't do sport, till I met Amy. Now I look forward to my sessions!"

Emily Taylor - 5 Star - 19 Nov 2016

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