"I started working with Amy in December 2016. I had in a moment of madness decided to run a half Marathon in the March of the following year. Training hadn’t been going well, with repeated illness and injury and with my breast Cancer diagnosis 7 years previous had left me with several fitness challenges ahead. I was not a runner in any shape or form and found it extremely hard but wanted to achieve this before I hit 40. Even on the first phone call with Amy I knew she was going to make a massive difference to my training. She listened to every ailment I had and really put me at ease.

One of the first things I said to Amy I cant do Sit ups, I cant do anything both feet off the ground as have no stomach muscle on my right side from my reconstructive surgery. Struggle to get up off the floor. Generally felt my body had let me down. Fast forward 16 months, I still have PT every week that I absolutely Love, Try and attend both circuits sessions a week and run as well. I completed the half marathon which in itself is a miracle as I only had 12 weeks from meeting Amy and was only running 2 miles in total! .

My core strength is amazing now and I can do everything I said I couldn’t do. I was told I would never ski again and due to my such improved fitness was able to enjoy a family holiday in February and skied to my hearts content. Didn’t even have achy legs which to anyone that skis will know that’s a miracle! I no longer see my osteopath on a regular basis as strength has improved everywhere stopping back and neck pain that I’ve had for years, my overall well -being and the way I look at exercise and food now has completely changed and all this is thanks to Amy.

I have never had 2 PT sessions the same or circuits classes in over 16 months, she keeps you so motivated and always can offer an alternative if your struggling. Cant recommend Amy highly enough she is truly professional to the Core! Very very friendly, easy to talk to, listens knowledgeable and motivating. You couldn’t really ask for more."

"Over the past year I have had contact with Amy on a one to one basis and circuits class' on numerous occasions. Amy maintains a professional manor, has a friendly, caring and positive demeanor and is always open to questions regarding health, fitness & diet (please don't take 'diet' literal, I mean healthy eating, as the word 'diet' will never come out of Amy's mouth!!). She always has a way of making you feel good about yourself giving positive encouragement and pointers, even when you may have taken a few (or more!) steps backwards. The circuits classes are welcoming, friendly, constantly varied and certainly not a scary place to visit even if it is the first step you are taking towards a healthier future. I couldn't recommend Amy more, no matter where you find yourself on your journey from beginner to pro. You can't help but be inspired in her company."

Emma Daniel - 5 Star - 21 Jan 2017

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